Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meet Frilly......

 I really like this fun, sunflower and its name is ...Frilly.  I saw him at conference last year at the Harris Seed booth during the trade show for the and put him on my list of things to try.  We put ten of them into a giant bouquet and everything instantly went to "jazzy" and "sassy" ...very fun.

Without Frilly......

With Frilly.......
See what I mean?

 We're still swimmng in sunflowers.  My great idea of planting 15,000 sunflowers is coming to fruition all at the same time ;0. These cool nights in North Idaho totally screw up most of my succession plantings and I usually end up with a ton all at once.  It keeps the adrenalin pumping.
This is where the girls and I start getting serious muscles.  These buckets are heavy.
 We went to Simon and Marqi Ronniger's wedding last weekend.  It was beautiful.  They had these fun little spots laid our around the grass so that intimate, little,  conversions could be had.  It was beautiful, we love Simon, Marqi and Strummer and we wish them a very happy, long, and full life together.
 This is one side of my kitchen sink last week.  I harvested these from my frettfully, weedy garden.  Deep down I feel that surely these are superior in nutrition simple because they fought hard to live and produce.  (It makes me feel better.)
 This is the other side of my sink.  My Ancona ducks are laying like crazy and I am totally thrilled.  My great duck experiment is turning out wonderfully.  They provide us with egss, eat bugs, don't scratch up my gardens, and pretty much take care of themselves, we just put out some chicken food, corn, oyster shell and fill the the "kiddy" pool. 
OK....I almost promise to stop posting pictures of my duck eggs, but who knew you could get double yolkers from ducks?

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